Thursday, August 2, 2012

Barbie and Ken Saga

The further adventurers of the Ken and Barbie you know yesterday found them swimming in and using up all the hot water in my bath tub.. This morning ..

They all ganged up on me this morning,,..Ken,... Barbie and assorted friends were laying on a beach towel on the bathroom floor. I went to use the bathroom without turning on the light and tripped and fell head first into the tub They scatted off everywhere..I heard laughter as they retreated and regrouped...I will sleep with one eye open tonight.

  I just noticed my bath salts have gone missing..dun..dun.DUN...


  1. You don't also have a doll named Chuckie do you?

  2. I always knew Barbie had a mean streak!

  3. I can't help it. These last two posts have given me the giggles.

  4. The Barbie's around my house always seem to have an arm or leg missing. Haven't quite figured out yet what that is all about.