Monday, June 13, 2011

Feeling Hot! Hot! Hot!

     It is hotter than the hinges on the gates of h-e- double hockey sticks. I was able to get off work early. I filled up my granddaughter's little pool and let her splash around. The water in the pool quickly turned warm as bath water. I got to thinking and we went in the house to get a big glass jar with a lid some cold water and tea bags. 

     We filled the jar with water and tea bags  replaced the lid and placed the jar in a sunny spot for a few hours.

        While we waited for our Sun tea we played in the pool. I even added ice cubes so we could watch them melt. 
      I got out some home made ice pops and watermelon to refresh us. It's just too hot to eat or to cook a big meal. I'm thinking about cooking a big meal for lunch from now on. I am planning on doing salads, fruit and a cold meat/cheese tray for dinner. What things do you like to eat when its just to hot to cook?


  1. Hi..I've been reading through your previous posts... we think a lot alike for sure...

  2. Hi! New follower! I like to eat chef salads, or any kind of salads really!! Or fruits like you did with watermelon!