Saturday, February 14, 2009

Just A Typical Day In The Life of Me

It was a day just like any other day . I had slept really well the night before. I awoke before the alarm clock. I drank my coffee and took a shower. I got dressed for work. I decided to wear my new black heels. Rick and I texted each other back and forth. It was a great beginning to a lovely day, or so I thought.
I went on to work. I teach young children, preschoolers. While in my classroom one of my students called me over to the bathroom. She had a nice surprise waiting for me. She had missed the toilet and had made a mess on the floor. No problem I had my coffee and my love from Rick to keep me strong. I donned some hospital gloves and armed myself with a bottle of bleach water and sprang into action. I was scrubbing away and did not pay much attention until I felt my face get wet. By the third squirt of the bleach bottle I realized something was terribly wrong. I had some how inadvertently turned the nozzle of the bottle onto myself. I was also wearing a new red sweater and I quickly grabbed a towel hoping I had not ruined my clothes. No such luck was to be had for me on this day .
Thank God for lunch breaks. I would be able to go home and change out of my now tie-dyed acid washed red mess of a sweater. As I got into my car to head home it began to rain, a heavy non stopping sideways wind blowing rain. I pulled into my drive way and thought about the code of ethics that all shoe lovers share. Save the shoes! I took off my new black heels and tucked them under my ruined red sweater to keep them out of harms way.
I dashed out of the car and slammed the door. It was at the sound of the car door shutting that I realized I had just locked my keys inside. I ran up the sidewalk barefoot and with the shoes tucked safely inside my sweater to my front door. I almost made it.
I began to slip falling forward on the wet pavement. In a split second I made a decision. I thought do not let go of the shoes. I tucked my toes under me to stop falling. Wrong choice. I heard a snap of a bone breaking, and all neighbors heard was me cursing. I hobbled into the house and got my daughter to drive me to the doctor. Three x-rays later he told me what I already knew. I now have a broken toe and won't be wearing heels for a long time. My only wish is that come Christmas morning I will be able to put on sneakers and ride my new PINK bike. I am changing my name. Jane....Calamity Jane.


  1. LOLOL Oh my God. This proves that when it rains it pours!!! But hey, at least when that toe heals.. you have BRAND NEW black shoes that have never been abused!!

  2. OMG........I thought these sort of things just happened to me. What a bummer!!!!