Friday, May 25, 2012

Happy Memorial Day

Dragging your comforter and pillow out to the couch shows the 3 day weekend that you mean serious business about being lazy.
All I need now is a pair of those Pajama jeans.


  1. Pajama jeans, pfffft... as long as it's not snug, I can lounge in it... or out of it, whatever!

    Enjoy your long weekend!

    1. I wanted to be able to run to the store if need be hence the pajamas jeans for conveience

  2. hahaha pajama jeans - I actually would wear those!

  3. I wonder how the pajama jeans would look on me.
    Here in Florida I should probably wish for pajama shorts.
    Too hot to wear my snuggle whiile sneaking out to the store(not that I have ever done that)
    Hey your talking to someone who actually purchased a bump it ala snookie hair. Stranger things have happened..