Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Zombie Apocalypse Alert

For people who post about Zombie Apocalypse plans all the time, none of you seem very concerned it just started in Miami.

 I've used bath salts many times. Even enjoyed the relaxing moment in the hot water. Never thought about eating anyones face off.

This crazy zombie thing is really annoying me.. the guy took too much bath salt (and/or other type drugs)and went apeshit I'm sure it was just a dare by all his other nekkid homeless zombie buddy's on bath salts...Hope they are not coming this way or are they already here? Just go check out the internet on other stories news out there on people on bath salt.. evil stuff.... some are just as shocking.. i'm not gonna go out and buy up a bunch of guns and build a damn fort around my house...good grief... it's gotten outta hand. Some people have watched one too many zombie movies, next it will be vampires.

I am holding hope that by the time the stupid people get eaten, zombies will be full.


  1. If it makes you feel any better, I have not eaten anyone else's face today.

    I got upset when newspaper commenters were all "the police shouldn't have shot him...he was UNARMED."

    The guy was eating another person.

    1. not to alarm you but I did chew someone's ass off at work today.

  2. I guess I'm out of the loop on zombies.