Friday, June 1, 2012

Pawn Stars

My friend owns a Pawn Shop. While at work today three young men entered the shop. The pawn shop was busy with several more customers needing help. As the trio of young men were leaving the shop my friend noticed that one man had a laptop computer shoved down the front of his pants. 

Out of the store my friend ran chasing the thieves.  Two of the other customers also ran out with him as back-up. He caught up with the three stooges as they were unlocking their getaway car. ( how ironic )

The idiot with the laptop was in the drivers seat with his leg hanging out the door. My friend seized the opportunity to forcibly smash the door on the little bastards leg. The punk  began to cry as did one of the other bad ass wanna be crooks.

The laptop was willingly handed back over.  They then asked him if he was going to call the cops. He told them no cause next time you try to pull this shit I'm going to put a bullet in your head. My friend let them go. He is pretty sure that he broke the kids leg.


  1. That is terrible! He should have asked the young gentlemen to please step out of the car and then call 911. This is an injustice and these young men's rights have been completely violated. It may have been THEIR computer and they did not have a proper case.

    I LOVE it!!

    Cranky Old Man

  2. Both sides had the ample opportunity to call the po-po. My friend was also hurt in the incident.

    1. Sometimes justice is serverd with a big swift kick in the pants.

  3. Your friend was way too accommodating. The police should have been called. I'm glad your friend is okay, even though I see above that you said he was also hurt. The thieves got off way too easy and will probably do it again, maybe not to your friend, but I doubt they have seen the light, at least as long as they are still living.