Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Joys of Elder Parents

The following is a note that I left for my sister. We have both been taking care of our elderly Mother.

Dear Sis, I told mom that I would be gone and left her my cell number.  Spent several hours with her this morning doing paperwork to pay the CNAs. Mom lost her checkbook and I spent 45 mins trying to find it. She told me someone told her to hide her checkbook. She hid it so well we couldn't find it.  She was in her PJs, she told me someone told her she had to wear PJs all day.   
   Her mind is going and she is mixed up and she is getting paranoid.  She accused me of stealing her money.  She told me "someone" said I've been taking her money from her bank accounts. (Must have been the new Caddie that gave me away).   I asked her who and she just said someone.  She told me last week that you my sister stole her lawn mower.  (Dear sis you beat me to it after all its 10 years old and worth a kings ransom).  Also that someone asked her for money to pay their real estate taxes because they were broke.  (Must have been Donald Trump).
  What's going on?   Do you think I'm an idiot (by the way I would agree with you if you did.)  
Your lying, cheating, thieving sister



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    1. Welcome to my to keep a sense of humor..and schedule a nervous breakdown.