Sunday, June 10, 2012


Just found out that Yankee candle has a line of candles for men. I came up with some potential flavors:

Dirty socks

you forgot to take the trash out

locker room

Restraining Order 

 sneaking in a t 3 am

old tennis shoes

athletic supporter

deadbeat dad

charcoal fluid overload

you left the cap off the toothpaste 

better than text

wet dog

fishing for a alibi 

Wet speedo

Strippers butt crack

skid marks

old man farts

the dog farted

beer goggles

beer o'clock

jock itch

You forgot to flush

morning breathe

older than spice

six pack beer abs

Swamp ass

Dirty ashtray


  1. Pretty accurate compilation if you ask me.

  2. I am sencing some anger here.

    How about a working your ass off to provide for your family flavor?

    Throw me a bone here.

    Most are pretty accurate though.


  3. Don't forget "Spells 'sense' with a 'c'"

  4. I see a whole new marketing opportunity here!