Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Holy Heart Failure Batman!

I took my three year old grand daughter Lilly to play mini golf with me.  We went to Congo River. One of the features of Congo River is a fenced in pond which inhabitants alligators. Upon seeing the gators Lilly paid tribute to horror movie scream queens by letting out a blood curdling  scream. "Holy Shit! A Alligator!"

Special thanks have been awarded to her Dad for teaching her such a lovely cuss word. 


  1. Uh oh... hahaha! $h!t happens! I was very grateful my first and third one, didn't learn another certain word, as their first. They sure heard it often enough.

    1. She keeps repeating the offending words, I try to ignore her as she looks at me for a reaction. I told her not to say the words out loud so now she whispers it.

  2. I've told my boys (three of them) that they are "grown up words." Like alcohol, smoking, and tobacco, (what---right?!?) when they are of age, they can say them as much as they like.....but not till then.

    I'm in for a shit load of trouble when they hit 18.