Monday, January 19, 2009

As some of you are aware I am currently enrolled in a “Human Diversity” class. The course is designed to introduce students to the opportunities, issues, and challenges of teaching students who reflect the diversity of the American population in terms of ethnicity, culture, race, religion, gender and sexual orientation. In addition we have been studying individual physical, mental, emotional, and personality differences.

To reply in comment on Martin Luther King I offer you the following wisdom. I grew up in a small New England town. I was raised to never see color. On the street where I lived was a family of ‘color”, back then that word color was a acceptable way to “label” the minority population. The words “Black” or “Afro- American” were not even whispered. Many people looked down upon my neighbors. I was friends with everyone on my block. The only other ever reference to my friends that I had heard growing up was from bigots and prejudiced people; and that was the word “N.” It pains me today to even write that acronym. In my father’s house I was taught that the “N” word should never be spoken. To do so would be the highest of sins.

In all my years of teaching I have taught a diverse variety of ages and population. I still to this day find it rare that a child will point out differences. We have come a long way in a short period of history, and for that fact we should celebrate the memory of a great man who gave his life so that we may be able to do so. I make it my life’s goal to be able to make a difference one child at a time. Each child is but a ripple in this pond of life. I view teaching with this following thought in mind. You will never teach a class anything. Shocking thought isn’t it. By this statement I mean I only teach the INDIVDUAL students board ideas, that are scattered around - you catch it when it comes around., and when your ready to do so. So I teach the individual. How is this different? The answer is that we are all unique. There is no such thing as RACE ( this is a artificial concept).

Here’s another thought for all to ponder. My professor just taught me something that I was not aware of, Africa is the birthplace of humanity. Please see the following link for an exclamation. Africa: Birthplace of Humanity.

Birthplace Of Humanity


  1. Very good post and so totally agree with what you said. YOu know, I think I saw on the history channel once, and then have read subsequently about Africa being the cradle of civilization...the beginnings..

  2. Well said. I'm glad to hear your story from growing up. My husband is a 3rd grade teacher, and he told his students Monday about his experience in Texas as a child being chastised by a stranger for drinking from the "colored" drinking fountain.

    I heard someone on MSNBC say yesterday that our children need to be taught about the history of race relations. We have to tell them. And then another commentator said, well, it's better that we have to teach them than that they learn the hard lessons from experienced. I thought that was a good point.

    Thank you for your kind visit on the pink ice post.