Sunday, January 18, 2009

It's A Beautiful Day!

It’s A Beautiful Day!

I began today with three hours sleep. My brat had kept me up all night with what is known as Braxton- Hicks contractions. My daughter is seven months pregnant with her first child. She is a single, doing it on her own first time mother to be. Around 2 a.m. she crawled into bed with me. I was still awake blogging, emailing, texting and talking on the phone with Rick L. Whenever my baby girl does not feel well she has a habit of crawling in to bed with me. This is not a problem I love her and enjoy her company. She had a stressful day and I think this might of lead up to her not feeling well. She just needed a little o’ fashion dose of Momma. Eventually we both fell asleep around 5 a.m.
At 8 a.m. my good friend Sue called to remind me she would be right over to take me to church. Hey, what the heck free coffee and doughnuts gets me all the time. Today was the first time that I attended Sue’s church. I met three of her good friends and had a great time. I will be attending this church from now on.
I arrived home to find my son and his wife moving furniture for me. I have been asking for their help for awhile now. I am very pleased to say that my living room no longer resembles a storage unit. Mission accomplished.
Next on my agenda was a shopping trip to purchase a gift for myself. You see I am having a birthday in a few days and I wanted to make sure I got what I wanted. I bought a fabulous new Katy Von Zeeland purse. I have been lusting after one of her purses for six months now. Thank you kids! The bill is coming to your house. (After last year’s fiasco with not getting the PINK bike, I made sure I got what I wanted!)
I have saved the best for last. I also made my son make sure that my PINK bike was put together. My baby Rick L. made my dream of a PINK bike come true this year. (He never disappoints me, and always surprises me) Thank You Ricky! I jumped on my PINK bike and took it for its maiden voyage. I love my PINK bike and I love you baby! I hope that your day was just as beautiful as mine was. I can’t wait for to wake up tomorrow and see what the new day brings.


  1. Oops the phone rang for me while reading you...

    So now I"m back. So you have a daughter, so nice.. I have four sons, always wanted a daughter. Sounds like you have some great kids.

    By the way the purse is wonderful! You can throw it over your shoulder while riding your pink bike.