Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Sleep With the Fishes

While I was at Jim ( gym ) last night, ( yes, Jim and I did make up ) the talk on the elliptical machines amongst the women turned to shoes. Oh, how I love shoes. I moan and groan over the mere thought of a good shoe sale. Doing Jim is a lot like buying shoes, both have been known to hurt so good.

Along with the shoe talk came the mention of two names. Manny and Paddy. ( No, these are not my Portuguese and Irish boyfriends). A Manny is a manicure, and a Paddy is a pedicure. My friend Suzanne Sugarbaker began to tell us all about a wonderful gift certificate that her sister Sin (Cynthia ) had bestowed upon her for a pedicure. This was to be no ordinary pedicure.

The pedicure that Suzanne was about to go have is one of the latest beauty fads making it's way across the nation. Judging by the weirdness of this beauty procedure it probably began in Hollyweird, California . Let me ask you one question. How much money would you pay to stick your feet into a tank of fish that feed off human flesh?

Yes, that's right flesh eating fish. I am not talking piranhas, but a fish known by the name Garra rufa . The Garra rufa fish is silvery and about a inch long kind of looks like a minnow or a small goldfish.. These fish come from a hot springs in Turkey. They have a appetite for --- human flesh. They have no teeth but kiss off dead scaly skin. It is said that when people stick their feet in the tank they end up laughing so hard that they cry. I am going to accompany Ms. Sugarbaker to her beauty treatment, and I think I just might be the only one laughing, besides the guy taking her money.


  1. Ew omg! I've heard of that, but could never do it!!!

  2. what!! Never ever ever, nope never, heard of this!