Saturday, January 17, 2009

I Broke Up With JIM

I Broke Up With JIM

It's over. It's a done deal. Today I officially broke up with Jim. Jim and I have been seeing each other for a year and a half. A long torturous year and a half. We have had our ups and downs, our in and outs. It has been a love/hate relationship. I have lost sleep over Jim. I have had pain because of Jim. I have cried because of him. I have sweated and cursed over Jim. Jim has kept me hanging many a night. I have awoken early for Jim many a morning. I have been at his door at the butt crack of dawn, without coffee I might add, only to find myself waiting for the door to unlock. I have lost weight over Jim. I have gotten strong because of Jim. I have spent money on Jim. I have spent even more money on looking good for Jim. Jim has cost me many a pair of good shoes too. I have belittled my self into doing drive-bys of Jim. As of this point I will no longer open my legs for Jim. I won't shed another tear over Jim. I will not bend over backwards for Jim ever again. Good-bye Jim it was nice knowing you. I had fun while it lasted. It's time to move on.
Arabic: إلى اللقاء
Chinese (Simplified): 再见
Chinese (Traditional): 再見
Czech: na shledanou
Danish: farvel
Dutch: dag, tot ziens; afscheid
Estonian: nägemist
Finnish: näkemiin, jäähyväiset
French: au revoir, adieu
German: Auf Wiedersehen, das Lebewohl
Greek: αντίο! (επιφ.)
Hungarian: Isten vele(d)!, viszontlátásra!
Icelandic: vertu sæll
Indonesian: selamat berpisah
Italian: arrivederci; addio
Japanese: さようなら
Korean: 안녕히 계십시오; 작별 인사
Latvian: uz redzēšanos! sveiki! ardievas
Lithuanian: sudie
Norwegian: adjø, farvel, på gjensyn
Polish: Do widzenia!, pożegnanie
Portuguese (Brazil): até logo, adeus
Portuguese (Portugal): adeus
Romanian: La revedere!, Rămas bun!
Russian: до свидания; прощание
Slovak: dovidenia
Slovenian: na svidenje; slovo
Spanish: adiós
Swedish: adjö
Turkish: Allahaısmarladık; Güle güle

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  1. LOL I've dated JIM before, he did the same thing to me and it's over!

    Great post!

    Thank you for all the comments on my blogs.. I only received one email saying you commented on one, is there a way to set it up for each comment? Cause I had no idea you left more than one comment! =)

  2. BWA HAHA. I almost thought he was some type of soundrel... you got me!