Saturday, January 1, 2011

Be Socialble

     I recently attended a party. It was pretty lame for a party or should I say for my tastes in parties. My thoughts on parties is this: If no one crys, gets drunk or naked, breaks-up or makes out with someone other than the one that brought them, pukes or fights it is just not a party.

     So I wandered over to the buffet, might as well eat and drink and fill up my pocketbook stomach. I love a free meal or two. I began to eat some crackers and cheese ( I needed something to wash the tequila down with). I noticed that the crackers were the Nabisco/Kraft brand called Sociables. The crackers name got me to thinking. Hmmm? Sociables at a lame party and no one is being sociable? I picked up the box and dialed the toll free number to complain. Kraft doesn't answer it's phone on the weekends so I left a message. " Hi your product Sociables doesn't do what you advertise it to do. I am at a party with your crackers being served and no one is being Sociable. No one likes me not even your crackers can help me. I demand a refund and that you change the name of your product to a more fitting name like "Outcasts" or maybe even "Leper "

Does anyone know of any Party that might be serving Funyuns?


  1. BWAHAHAHA. That is hilarious!
    I love your writing.

    I always like it when one overstrikes their words for their true intent. Cracks me up every time.

    Hey happy new year and thanks for all your comments at my place. I just put a cartoon up you might like (unless yours is the blog I stole it from and don't remember)...

  2. Thank you Sandy. I write from my life.
    Most of the time life is funny and sometimes it is peppered with darkness. I try to always stay upbeat. I even find humor in the dark side of life, yeah it may not be appropriate but it's a way for me to process it all.
    Must go see that post some great things.

  3. I love "unappropriate" humor, haha.

  4. Remind me to write about the "inappropriate" story that a funeral director told me, as I was there for my father's funeral.

    I have too many stories and not enough is a curse this writing thing.

  5. Irony at it's best! Let us know if Kraft ever gets back to you regarding your stellar advertising ideas. :)

  6. Nancy~ no phone call back, but I am awaiting some free coupons