Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I Once Attempted

I once attempted to quit drinking.. I felt dizzy,muddled,sick to my stomach. Serve headaches came next. People crossed the street to get away from me. Dogs cowered. Babies cried. The priest of my church booked a  exorcism.

Three hours into my abstinence I caved in.

I was found by a friend consuming my second round..

Of sweet baby Jesus please forgive Caffe' Mocha extra shot of double espresso whipped big gulp Venti fountain of youth beverage of the Gods heaven help me pure delight COFFEE.

Yes it is the one thing that I can not live without.


  1. Sorry, but I kinda knew that was coming. You and I have similar blogging styles. :)

  2. I accidentally had decaf for breakfast a few weeks ago. By noon I was sure my head had been run over by a truck when I wasn't looking.

  3. Tattytiara~ I am NEVER going to attempt going without God as my witness I do by declare.