Monday, January 17, 2011

He Who Shall Remain Nameless

I was a newly married woman when I first met my nephew. My honeymoon night was spent at my in laws. We were piss poor and it was either spend money on a hotel or fix the car. The car won out. Cars always won out over me in my marriage. My husband loved cars and had too many of them for me to list.

So here I was laying in bed the morning after I got married. The door pushed open and in walked my five year old new nephew. He jumps up on the bed between my husband and myself and asks in a very loud voice "So got any kids?" I knew I liked this kid immediately.

A few weeks later we went to visit my nephew and his Mom. His mom was babysitting a few kids. We sat around and had coffee and I asked were the nephew was. His Mom told me he was in his room playing. I entered his room and heard some giggling. I followed the sound to under the bed. I got down on the floor and peeked under the bed. What to my surprise should I see?

I ran to get his Mom and the nephew and the little girl who was being babysat came crawling out from their hidey-ho. The little girl began to cry at being found out. My sister in law asked what they had been doing and the children said playing doctor.

Upon closer inspection a certain purple crayon was found to have been delicately placed in someones rump.

I said to my sister in law I guess the nephew is specializing in proctology. You should be very proud.

*disclaimer no children, small animals, farm animals or purple crayons were harmed in the events of this story*   


  1. I bet those kids never looked at a purple crayon the same way ever again. And now, neither will I. ;)

  2. Oh my I bet she doesn't care for the color purple much. lol p.s. did your nephew become a doctor?

  3. ~Queen~ funny thing purple is my favorite color.

    ~~The nephew grew up to be a roadie for Rock Stars~~

  4. ~ Nancy~ he later switched to feathers.

  5. a roadie for rock stars... even better. Bet he's learned a lot in that job

  6. ~Vodka~ oh the stories that I have been told from the nephew!

  7. Enjoyed the story and the purple crayon. I will chuckle now every time I see one.

  8. Sandy~ What has been seen can not be unseen.