Sunday, January 9, 2011

Exam Time

If you are like me you dread the gyno visit. Let’s face it you have to get naked and splay your lady parts wide open. Oh, and shave your legs, bathe, and powder and perfume. You carefully pick out an outfit and clean undies only to take it off  once you get in the exam room.

The new year is here. I am in the process of making doctor and dentist appointments. I might as well get them out of the way early. I just booked a gynecologist appointment. I got to thinking about a story that my mom had shared with me about a “friends “ visit to the gynecologists.

My mom’s friend went to the gyno and was in the exam room getting ready for the doctor and nurse to come in. While sitting on the table in her exam gown ( I love how they call it gown. I for one will never wear it to a ball) She began to wonder if she was fresh enough down there. She reached into her purse and pulled out a tissue to dab and refresh herself. Feeling confident she laid back to wait.

Several  moments later in walked the doctor and nurse. She was instructed to scoot her butt all the way down the table till it felt like she was hanging in mid air. She placed her feet in metal cold stirrups and opened wide.

The doctor adjusted his exam light and she felt the warmth of its glow. She kept her eyes on the serene poster of the ocean above her head. The doctor asked the nurse to come closer and to take a look.

“Well !  Look at what they are giving away with S&H green stamps!” the doctor proclaimed to his nurse. 

Apparently when moms friend was wiping herself with the tissue from her purse an S&H  green stamp had tagged along for the ride.

What’s in your purse?


  1. Glitter,'s always a party in your pants!

  2. OMG -- that's too much! Haha!

  3. Nancy~ oh the joys of being a woman are never ending.

  4. Oh too funny! Maybe we should all think of creative ways to decorate to help break up the monotony of our beloved gynos' days!

  5. hahahahahahahahahahahah