Saturday, July 21, 2012

Despicable Me?

I so want to get back at my poor excuse  of a brother for the way he is disrespecting my mother and her possessions, house at this time of her death. Her body was barely cold and as soon as it left the house he got busy. Throwing things away piling things up. Ripping her clothes of their hangers. Trashing her photo albums of his siblings. Seems he already had an auctioneer set up to come over and pay him blood money.

I have been given the honor of writing and reading my mothers eulogy . What I would like to say and what I am going to say are two different things. I will honor my mother and live with the grace and dignity she instilled in me.

I secretly want to put pictures of him and his first wife on the tribute cd. You see his second wife doesn't know that she is second best. He has denied that he has even had another life to this wife. He has helped raise four daughters of hers while denying an only child of his own. He also has grandchildren that he has never taken the time to acknowledge.  His daughter and grandchildren come from yet another woman.  So you see throwing things away comes easy to him.

No I will take the higher road and be my mothers daughter for after all God is watching. I can sleep at night. ..but can he?

Note*    I debated posting this. I felt at first that I just needed to get it up..get it out.. Get it on paper and get over it. light of some new despicable actions on his part I have decided to post this.


  1. Death has a way of bringing out the vultures, doesn't it?

    I absolutely understand, been there.

    1. Thanks A... I have kept to myself about his behavior for the last three years of my mother's journey. My sister and I have fought an uphill battle that whole time to keep mom out of a nursing home. It just hurts my heart that he is like this. I have absolute peace over my moms death. I think he has transposed his hate our way now. There done venting for now.. I find that writing it all down helps.. Please tell me it does get better.

  2. I have soooo been there. My sister in law went in and took all of the good pictures and antiques out of my in-laws home after they passed away and before they were buried. She also helped herself to about $100,000. It would have cost that in lawyers fees to get it back.

    Through that I learned that this is very common and no rights for anyone who isn't Executor (she was). I hope in the end, ya'll can work it out. My ex-husband hasn't talked to her in 7 years because of this and she lives a block away. My heart goes out to you for the insensitivity.

    1. Thanks for your input..time will tell what happens next.