Sunday, July 1, 2012

Up Up and Away...

Got to love Southwest Airlines as I got off my flight in Orlando I was greeted with ...Hi Welcome to Chicago .. Haha I had to think for a moment just where was I? without missing a beat I said, Gee thanks I almost thought I was on the wrong flight! 

  I had just spent an hour on the ground in I had a moment of doubt ..I laughed as it made my day. Then as I was walking in the airport I fell on my ass so I guess I'm home...


  1. Hope you didn't hurt anything, other than your pride.

  2. There were a ton of people around me and they just kept walking so I said wow watch out for that puddle of water on the floor.

  3. I would have helped you up. But I probably would have laughed first. I love Southwest!

    1. I would of understood your laughter..I only fly Southwest.