Monday, July 23, 2012

My What Big Eyes You Have

My sister is the only one I can talk to for hours on the phone..hang up and then text each other for hours...God I just love her.

 She just texted me a photo of our mom wearing a fake nose sunglasses and a mustache.... I laughed till I peed.. ( sadly mom passed away 6 days ago ) let this be a warning to us to get rid of incriminating photos before our kids find them. Here's the photo I have never seen of my Mom before today.

 YES that is my Mom with a fake nose, glasses and a  mustache!

Then the texts start back and forth between us:

Me: Was Mom Jewish? ( no offense to anyone please I pick on everyone evenly )

Sis: Is this what happened to her nose the day she grabbed a tissue and a bee was in the tissue and it bit her nose.

Me: Is she Jimmy Durante?

Sis:  Is that  Peruvian Natural Wavy hair on her lip?

Me: Who's the transvestite next to her?

Sis : Mr Magoo is missing some glasses

Me: did our brothers draw the mustache and glasses on her photo?

Me: I can not stop laughing hysterically laughing and tears are rolling down my face now I can't see to text..

Sis: Might be a good thing you can't see.

Me: I think I have post traumatic stress// or is it dramatic stress

Me: mom's eyes look very squinty do we have any Chinese in us?

Sis: The only Chinese we have in us is the chow mien I just ate.

Sis: What has been seen, can not be unseen.

Me:  I am going to frame this photo in that God awful photo frame she gave me and put it on my nightstand. so I can think of her everyday and laugh. ( the Story of the photo frame and pics of it will be coming soon for you all to enjoy trust me you don't wanna miss it)

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