Sunday, July 8, 2012

After Life..

As my father lay on his deathbed my son came to visit him. Before my son entered the room we had a conversation. I let my son know that if there was anything he wanted to say or know this was the time to ask his grandpa. My son conveyed to me that he didn't feel comfortable asking. So he asked me to ask my dad to contact my deceased husband John and tell him that he loved him and to ask John to send a sign. I repeated  the message to my father. Three days later my father passed away. I was staying at my sisters house. The morning after my fathers death I received a panicky phone call from my son. "Mom..Mom your not going to believe this I just got a weird message in my voice mail, I am going to forward it to you." I dialed my voicemail and heard the following "This is Johnny grandpa told me to call.  My knees went weak as I heard that message....the voice sounded just like my late husbands...yes it was a wrong number but it was the right message.

I am thinking of my mom today as she slips closer to death. When it happens I pray for a sign from her.


  1. That is so special. This world has so many things going on that we can never imagine, let alone understand.

    I am sorry you are losing your mother. I pray that it is peaceful and that you get the signs you desire.

  2. That is an amazing story, Carrie Lynne. My father just passed away a couple of weeks ago, and I firmly believe he still lives - - just on the other side. I doubt that voice mail message was a mistake. Maybe a wrong number, but definitely not a mistake. Thanks for sharing that beautiful story :)

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    2. Most definitely believe you are right . Thank you

  3. That is amazing. What a special story!