Thursday, July 26, 2012


My brother dropped by my sister house unannounced. With him was his ten year old grandson. My sister greeted them and took the grandson to the back yard to look at the  pond and talk to him about fishing. A few minutes later my brother came out and told the grandson it was time to go. She asked why and was told that they needed to go home and shower because they had just come from playing tennis. Sister thought oh they just needed a drink of water it was just a pit stop but nice to see the grandson.

At the door my sister told them goodbye, my brother then turned around paused and from over his shoulder he said " oh by the way Moms on your coffee table. For one fleeting moment of a mind dealing with grief sis thought oh wow mom is here. Reality quickly set in as our brother said " yeah do whatever you want with her, spread her ashes around the pond." She went in side and found a black shoebox size box from the funeral home. The box was half hanging off the table. My God how can someone be so insensitive?

My sister took the box and placed it with a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a photo in a frame of Jesus.

She texted me and sent me the photo. I called and told her " You know you can't write these things, our life is a comedy a deep dark comedy." 

I am now planning a nervous breakdown for sometime in the near future. I have not throughout the last week and her death even cried..I am numb.


  1. I think you are quite entitled to your nervous breakdown, but I am glad you find the humor (albeit dark) in some of this. It's what gets me through most of the whacked out world of family relations. Best to you & sis!

  2. I need to email you something... be on the lookout for it.

    1. Marianne ~thanks you are a kindred soul..laughter is my way of dealing with the pain.

      Ms. A thank you. I will look now

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    1. whats really bad is the thought: did they go play tennis while mom sat in the car? and why oh why take an innocent child with you on what should of been a solemn dignified respectful mission.