Monday, December 20, 2010

All Jacked Up

I'm at home today all jacked up on NyQuil and no place to go.
 I want to visit some blogs if you have any suggestions leave me a link so I can go stalk.
Hey, there's nothing wrong with recreational drug use when done responsibly.


  1. LOL... Nyquil knocks me out! I've recently had my meds all changed (chronic pain from cancer) and let me tell you, I'm living life quite stoned of late. It's an odd feeling but nicely one with a whole lot less pain. I hate taking drugs but my doctor and I talked about it and he's right, if I can alleviate pain and live life without feeling horrible why am I fighting it? I had to laugh though, jacked up on Nyquil! LOL

  2. Bev~ Always remember this ~
    Do Not take NyQuil and doze off watching Apocolypse Now. You will have terrible dreams, and God forbid you wake up looking at a ceiling fan......just saying.
    Glad to hear that legal pharmaceuticals are helping you.
    I hate being jacked-up. I have a very low tolerance for drugs, heck if I lick a xanax I sleep for a day.