Sunday, December 19, 2010

Santa Baby

Santa Baby,

I have been very good this year. Please disregard what Father Paul has told you, I think he needs to go to confession. Okay so with that being said I would like to present to you my list of things I want for Christmas.

1. Tickets to see Wicked the Musical.

2. I need a new camera as mine has died a horrible death.

3. A Bread maker

Thank You Santa xox


  1. Hey I like your Christmas list. Camera - yup a necessity. Bread maker...I've never had one. I need to google Wicked. I've never seen it except for the clip you put on your blog...

    I have no wants for Christmas other than to get my house sold...

    hope you feel better even though you are "all jacked up"...the video is fun. I remember those days..

  2. Hi Sandy. Any suggestions on the camera? Wicked is also a book that I have not read yet,need to add it to my list. Wicked the musical is coming to town this month.I am hoping that the children get me a ticket. The bread making machine idea comes from my youngest daughter. I borrowed her sister's machine and made some great tasting bread, so the kid has an alternative motive. All jacked up on Nyquil here got the nasty flu bug.

  3. Wicked is AMAZING!
    When my bread machine died I was lost. Now I (obviously) don't make my own breads and every time I pay $5 for a loaf of "specialty" bread I say "I need to get a bread machine" but it's probably best for my big ol' butt if I stay away from that! LOL
    This year is truly one of the best years for me in ages... first year living with the man who stole my heart, hopefully all 3 kids will be here for a mellow dinner, get their "stockings" Santa left them and just enjoy each other's company. For the first time EVER I have all my shopping done, including groceries, before the 24th!!!!!!! Life is good!

  4. Bev~ Do you have any bread recipes to share? Bread is my downfall ( don't hate)
    My Big butt will get into shape after the New Year ( yeah I know people always start/stop their resolutions within that time frame) But till then I am going to live it up. This year sucked for me,but there is always next year/which is so close I can smell it.It is what it is.
    I can't wait to see (if there is a God in heaven) Wicked.Thanks for stopping by don't be a stranger. Merry Christmas!