Monday, December 27, 2010

Danger..Danger Will Robinson

Update on the Snuggie

It is coooooooold in Florida. Going to be in the 20's tonight. There were snow flurries in Jacksonville. So this morning at 6 a.m. I realized that I needed to put the Christmas trash out to the curb. I looked at the local tv channel and was informed that it was a brisk 32 degrees outside.  I donned my boots and my fuzzy snuggie. As I returned into the house I slammed and locked the door. It took me two steps to realize that my snuggie was caught in the locked door with me still in its  clutch. I had to wiggle out of the snuggie in order to free myself. I laughed at the thought of my almost demise. Headlines: Local Woman Strangled to Death by a Snuggie. The body was still warm when found. Film at 11.

*Snuggies should come with a warning label*


  1. Hahaha. That is a really funny way to die.

  2. Ever watch the tv show 1,000 ways to die? Now you can say that you actually knew

  3. hahahahah, the visual is too funny...someone needs to illustrate that!!

    Hope you are warming up there. We are going to have a cold spell come through after the rain moves out later today.

  4. Why don't you illustrate it?

    It was 29 this a.m.

    It is to get up to 70 tomorrow.

  5. One of the many reasons I will never wear a snuggie.

    Your blog is hilarious. Love it and following. :)

  6. Hello Nancy,Welcome and Buckle your seat belt it's going to be a bumpy ride.Thanks for riding shotgun on my blog.

  7. hey Nancy, you found your way here...Carrie is hilarious - a good read.

    and ...some day...when i have time...which I don't....someday...I would illustrate that...

  8. Aw shucks Sandy Thanks for the kind words ~The checks in the mail~

    Would you like me to model the fuzzy snuggie?

  9. It would help if you did model it okay..then I could illustrate it...


    I ain't seen no check lady...I hope you are a woman of your word.

  10. At last my poor camera has died a horrible death.Miss Lilly had a moment and threw it on the floor.