Sunday, December 26, 2010

Don't Look!

Don’t Look                             
A few years ago my daughter invited me to go on a trip with her and her husband and their children. We live in Florida and the trip was planned to visit North Carolina. The objective of the trip was to find snow. My three grandchildren had never seen snow. I was asked to come along all expenses paid to help with the children.
I agreed to the deal and we left the week after Thanksgiving. We left Florida in the early evening hours. The two older boys fell asleep but my grand daughter was a small baby and she was fussy. I asked my son in law to please take the next exit so we could change the baby’s diaper and get some coffee.  He did not want to stop but I convinced him to do so. We were somewhere in Georgia and it was two a.m. when we found a seven-eleven  store to stop at.
After taking care of the baby and stretching our legs we headed out again. No sooner then we got back onto the highway we saw trouble ahead. Police lights and road flares lit the dark cold night. My son in law screamed at my daughter and I “Don’t look.” What does one do when they hear the words don’t look? You look. There had been an accident. I only saw one car. One body. The accident must of just happened. I witnessed a mangled body laying in the middle of the highway. I saw a police officer place a sheet over the body. My immediate thought was to pray. I closed my eyes and prayed . Dear Lord please be with this persons family and loved ones, surround them with your love at this time of need. One last thing Lord, I hope it was the deceased time to leave this earth.
No sooner then I had finished my prayer my cell phone alerted me that I had a text message. I thought who would be texting me? I noticed the incoming number was from out of the country. I opened up the text and read the following: On Time Arrival.


  1. Well that was definitely a sync

  2. Sync wink? I have never heard that saying..explain please?