Monday, December 27, 2010

I Just Had A Three-Way

Darn you Walmart you are evil. You lured me in to buy a popcorn tin with three different kinds of yummy popcorn inside. I just couldn't say no. It was on sale, only two dollars and fifty cents. And, Yes, it is possible to almost eat the whole tin of popcorn in one sitting. Ouch my tummy hurts...what aisle is the Pepto-dismal in?

Clean up on aisles 8..9.. and 10.


  1. uhhhgghhhh.

    My son got my husband a three way and he's been chomping down on it for days.

    Hey, you DID find Aunt Purl. thanks.

    Once I have time I"ll have to go look her up again.

  2. Time what's that? One day of work then 4 days off!

    I have to go have a look/see @ Purl