Saturday, December 25, 2010

Had a wonderful day with the family. I am so blessed. Started last night at my son's house. We had a ham dinner then we watched the movie "The Elf". Went to my oldest daughters Christmas morning for her tradition of blueberry pancakes. Then watched the kids open and play with their toys. Finished the day by taking a four hour nap wrapped up in my new "Snuggie " reading from my new Kindle. Quiet fun, laughter and lots of love. Hope everyone else had a great day also.


  1. Had christmas eve here with two of my four sons and their families, one was up in the bay area and the other had to work...

    then Christmas Day I went to my one son's house about an hour away for a wonderful relaxing time spent with two of my grandkids and great food and very few people...just his wife's parents...great warm day.

    today I've done nothing but sit on my butt and blog or read blogs all day.

    It's overcast but it wasn't raining. Tomorrow the sun should be out and I need to walk off some added drags me down...

    Glad you had a good few days.

    whatcha doing for new years eve.

    I do nothing and love it that way.

  2. New Years eve is my birthday. I usually stay in. A girlfriend has asked me to go out with her that night but I am still not sure if I am going to go. This year Christmas for me was more about spending time with the family rather than stuff.