Saturday, December 18, 2010

Grandma's House

Going to Grandmas

At Hospice there was a reception desk and on the desk sat a candy dish. The dish was made of cheap imitation cut to look like crystal glass. The sight of the sun glistening off that candy dish flashed me back in time. For a moment I closed my eyes and was transported back to the early sixties. I found myself remembering my grandmother. My father’s mother.
My grandmother watched soap operas. No one was allowed to talk while her soaps were on. So I would amuse myself by wandering around her house. One of my favorite things to do was to climb up all the twenty two steps of her staircase. Upon reaching the top stair I would sit down and bump my way back down on my butt one step at a time. This was not an easy feat as there were obstacles to be avoided on my descent. I was always careful not to knock over the piles of years worth of TV guides that were stacked high on the edge of every step. Grandma was a legend before her time. Grandma was a hoarder.
After my aerobic activities I would go in search of candy. Grandma always had candy at her house. Her candy dish was a recycled (before it was cool to do so) glass mayonnaise jar. The candy in Grandma’s jar was always leftover Christmas ribbon candy. In the thick heat of a sweltering July afternoon I would attempt to extract that candy from its finale resting place. I never got to taste the fruits of my labor. The Christmas ribbon candy stayed welded tightly to the bottom of that glass jar. Try as I might I was never able to get the candy unglued. In all probability this was probably a lifesaver. ( no pun intended)


  1. There is something about reading others childhood memories that makes me go into instant visualization of mine. My grandpa had a lot of stairs at his house and up at the top of them were three bedrooms. To the left of the landing was my gramma's, to the right was my grandpas and smack dab through the center door was his in home massage room. Not quite sure what that was all about although he told us he "healed" people in there. ha.

    and yes, ribbon candy was always somewhere in that house during christmas.

    How the heck are you? I was glad to see your name at my blog.

  2. I just spewed my coffee all over the laptop after reading about the "healing room." You should blog about it.
    I am fine..fine..fine did I mention fine?

    I took a big break from here after having a nervous breakdown year ( not really but you get the jest.)

    I am back with a passion. New year/new me epiphany.
    Happy to know that someone missed me.